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Synotate is a collaborative data analysis platform that gives data-driven teams the ability to store and share data insights in a structured and organized manner. Create data annotations for noticeable trends in reports or changes to your organization. Manage data analysis projects and requests. Easily retrieve past learnings with a structured filtering system.

Common Problems

Answering questions about past data trends can be hard


Abundance of Information

You might remember that great concert you attended three months ago, but how about the exact reason behind the 25% spike in traffic on the third of that month?


Fragmented Insights

I think I answered that question in an email or was it a message? Wait, no, I shared an analytics report. Actually, it was a shared file.


Learnings Lost Over Time

People depart, platforms left and learnings instrumental in optimizing the business is lost.

But it can be easier


All-In-One data analysis knowledge base and project management platform

Data Annotation

  • Create a data annotation to summarize a noticeable data insight with supporting reports and files
  • Easily locate past data annotations with our standardized tagging system and filters
  • Start a discussion around created annotations to ensure everyone on the team is on the same page
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Data Analysis Project Management

  • Get your data questions answered by teammates
  • Keep track of your requests and their progress with a simple status notification system
  • Easily locate the resulting annotation record with annotation linking
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